Who is J.P. Walters?

“My goal is to surround you with personal design solutions specifically tailored to enhance your lifestyle.”

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, San Diego interior designer James Patrick Walters reinterprets the earthy appeal of stone and wood through the organic aesthetics of Southern California.  His acclaimed line of furniture – the Home Retreat Collection –  showcases Jim’s flair for tailored, sculptural design.  His award-winning  projects have been featured in international as well as regional publications.

“Because we design and fabricate our own furniture line, we often conceive new furniture concepts specifically designed for our clients. With an emphasis on casual elegance, we trail blaze functional versatility as well as eye-catching originality.”

Classic attitudes are curated and then re-imagined through clean modern lines and timeless organic materials, resulting in spaces that are timeless, warm, and quietly elegant.